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Acta Linguistica Petropolitana
Transactions of the Institute for Linguistic Studies
ISSN: 2306-5737E-ISSN: 2658-4069
Acta Linguistica Petropolitana
Transactions of the Institute for Linguistic Studies 

Verbs of falling in Kazakh language

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Kazkenova A. K. Glagoly padeniya v kazakhskom yazyke. Acta Linguistica Petropolitana. 2020. XVI(1): 523–544.

The article is devoted to the semantic analysis of verbs of falling in Kazakh language. In particular, the composition of a group of verbs is revealed, their semantic features were described, the usage as part of serial constructions and the main directions of metaphor construction.

The article has used the method of analysis, which was created by the Moscow Lexical Typology Group. Data collection was performed through the dictionaries, corpus data, speech observation, a survey of Kazakh speakers, etc.

The main verb of falling in Kazakh is the verb құлау. It means falling from above, losing a vertical orientation, crashing down. In contrast to this, the separation of one object from another or the part of a whole is expressed by the verb түсу ‘to descend / fall’, as well as ұшу ‘to fly’, шығу ‘to go out’. Moreover, the Kazakh language has a number of verbs, which are detailing the process of falling by its nature, the type of subject of falling, etc.

The process of falling is detailed by a number of verbs: аударылу ‘to turn over’; ауу to overturn / to tumble/ to turn over / hang on one side’; жығылу ‘to be dumped/to be dropped’; сүріну ‘to stumble’; төмендеу ‘to lower/ to fall’ etc.

In addition, verbs of falling are often found by the type of subject of falling. Via verbs can be detected various types of precipitation, falling drops, small objects, liquid and loose substances, etc.

Kazakh verbs of falling are used as part of serial constructions: in combination with auxiliary verbs қалу ‘to stay’ and кету ‘to go away’, they express the meaning of suddenness, brevity or completeness of action. The verb of falling түсу ‘to go down/ to get down/ to fall’ can also stand out as an auxiliary verb.

Verbs of falling develop metaphorical meanings of decrease, the loss of functionality by objects and disability by a person, a sudden and uncontrolled process, etc. At the same time, this or that type of metaphor, as a rule, is expressed by any verb of falling.

verbs of falling, Kazakh, lexical typology, semantics, metaphor, serial construction
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verbs of falling, Kazakh, lexical typology, semantics, metaphor, serial construction
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