ISSN: 2306-5737 E-ISSN: 2658-4069
Acta Linguistica Petropolitana
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ISSN: 2306-5737 E-ISSN: 2658-4069
Acta Linguistica Petropolitana
Труды Института лингвистических исследований
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About the Journal

Acta linguistica Petropolitana — Trudy Instituta lingvisticheskih issledovanij is a periodical published by the Institute for Linguistic Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences (ILI RAN) since year 2003. (ISSN 2306-5737)

The Yearbook publishes papers (monographs, articles, статьи, reiews, etc.) on all topical issues of linguistics. However, preference is given to papers on fields traditional for Institute for Linguistic Studies:

  • Russian lexicography and lexicology (theoretical, historical, dialectal, neology);
  • languages of the Russian Federation;
  • Indo-European comparative linguistics;
  • areal linguistics;
  • Balcan studies;
  • classical philology;
  • linguistic typology;
  • problems of theory of grammar;
  • functional grammar of a natural language;
  • children’s speech, sociolinguistics.

Acta linguistica Petropolitana is an open publication and welcomes papers that conform to academic publication requirements irrespective of the authors’ place of study/work or residence.

Papers in Russian, English, French or German are accepted for publication.

All papers proposed for publication undergo double blind expert assessment. The reviewers are appointed by the Editorial Board. In order to avoid any conflict of interest the reviewers should be independent from authors (i. e. they should not be affiliated with the same institution as the author or have published papers in collaboration with the author during the last five years). All authors receive an expert review or substantiated refusal. The Editorial Board is committed to observing all accepted ethical standards for scientific publications and safeguards against any misuse of office by the Editorial Board members or staff.

Acta linguistica Petropolitana is a fully non-commercial project. The authors are not charged for the publication or pre-print preparation of their papers.